Mound Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada in November of 2002, with its corporate offices located in Springboro, Ohio.

 Mound Steel Corporation started in 1964 and later became Mound Technologies, Inc. at its current location of Mound Technologies, Inc. in Springboro, Ohio.  Mound is a full service structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator,  AISC Certified Steel Building Structures, with current capacity of the facility approximately 6,000 tons per year of structural and miscellaneous steel.

Ark Encounter Bridge

Ark Encounter Bridge

 Mound produces structural steel, miscellaneous metals, steel stairs and railings (both industrial and architectural quality), bar joists, metal decks and the erection thereof. In the steel products segment, steel joists, joist girders and steel deck are sold to general contractors and fabricators throughout the United States. Substantially all work is to order and no unsold inventories of finished products are maintained. All sales contracts are firm, fixed-price contracts and are normally competitively bid against other suppliers. Cold finished steel and steel fasteners are manufactured in standard sizes and inventories are maintained.

 Mounds customers are typically U.S. based companies that require large structural steel fabrication, with needs such as building additions, new non-residential construction, etc. Customers are typically located within a one-day drive from the facility allowing Mound to reach 70% of the U.S. population, yielding a significant potential customer base. Marketing of Mounds products is accomplished by advertising in industry directories, word-of-mouth from existing customers, and by the dedicated efforts of in-house sales staff monitoring business development opportunities within the region. Large clients typically work with the company on a continual basis for all their fabricated metal needs.

 Competition overall in the U.S. steel fabrication industry has been reduced substancially over the last few years due to economic conditions.  Likewise the number of regional competitors have decreased over the past few years. Larger, substantial work projects have declined dramatically, however, given the geographical operating territory of Mound, foreign competition is not a major factor allowing us to compete equally with regional competitors. 

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